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Protect Yourself from a Lemon Car

It’s not likely you will be as unfortunate as to buy a lemon of a car. But it’s not really impossible. Even the biggest car manufacturers produce a lemon car from time to time. Industry statistics reveal that around 150,000 lemons are sold annually. That’s still a lot of lemons running around, inconveniencing their owners not to mention the dangers they pose to drivers and pedestrians.

In case you are one of the unlucky ones, it is important that you take action before something unfortunate like an accident happens to you. The first to do is to report that you are driving a lemon to lemon proof. The problem is only Lemon Proof customers are entitled to that privilege. What is Lemon Proof? It is a company that helps owners of lemon cars file compensation claims against the negligent manufacturers.

A contract with Lemon Proof can be obtained by a simple onetime payment of a fee amounting to a little less than $400. This entitles you to a variety of services including assistance of a lawyer with experience in handling claims against car manufacturers. This is not an easy undertaking and given the substantial resources of car makers is bound to be expensive. So you can just imagine the relief you would feel with Lemon Proof doing it for you. You could save thousands and stand an excellent chance of getting full compensation not only for the lemon car but also for the inconveniences it caused.

After you have become a Lemon Proof customer, reporting a lemon is easy. In the homepage of the Lemon Proof website there is form you have to fill up. Once you have submitted it, the responsible personnel of the company initiate the claim process, learn more here.

What are the conditions that make a car a lemon? Your Lemon Proof contract defines a lemon car as a car with serious defects that are covered by warranty but can’t be fixed. If you have brought the car to the manufacturers service center or accredited service center a few times and it still does work well it means you have a certified lemon in your hands. You have to make a report to Lemon Proof immediately so it could file claim in your behalf.

As a car owner, there is nothing worse than getting a lemon car. You protect yourself from its inconveniences by getting a Lemon Proof contract. For more information about car insurance, click on this link:

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